About Us

The present trust is the collection of the 13 legacies founded over three centuries, the 17th 18th and 19th. It is sometimes difficult to appreciate that the first was founded almost 400 years ago when life in Silverton would bear little or no resemblance to today's socially secure daily life.

The individual legacies were generally speaking administered by the Church or the Overseers of the Poor right up to Victorian times when the Charities Commission was founded and proper control was defined by rules and regulations.

The Parish Church, dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, contains an interesting collection of boards mounted on the front of the West Gallery describing some of the main legacies. The boards were restored some years ago but are still in fine readable condition.

In present day Silverton the Silverton Parochial Trust is controlled and managed by seven resident parishioners under a scheme, drawn up and approved by the Charity Commissioners, sealed on the 14th September 1990.

The Ex- officio trustee being the Incumbent of the present benefice of Silverton accompanied by six others, two of whom are appointed by the Silverton Parish Council.

The trustee’s meet eight times a year to consider application for assistance and to manage the properties and other holdings.

The income from the Trust’s assets are applied in the first instance to the management costs and the remainder to meeting the cost of the applications. Surplus from any one year can provide funds for any approved projects that are solely for the general benefit of the parish and thus the parishioners. A recent example would be the substantial contribution the trust made to the cost of providing the Community Hall.

The Trust produces an annual report for publication and submission to the Charity Commissioners, including a financial statement. Previous versions of the reports can be found in the report archive. Full detail of the reports and accounts can also be found on the charity commission website.

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