West Somerset Area Quaker Meeting

The West Somerset area includes Bridgwater, Ilminster, Minehead, Spiceland (in Devon), Taunton and Wellington.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Although it is now possible to open our Meeting Houses for worship, the advice from Quaker Life is not to be in a hurry to do so. The guidance they provide  "9 steps to re-opening" which all Local Meetings should have seen by now need to be carefully thought through and the Trustees kept informed. At the time of writing none of our Meeting Houses has opened for Meetings for Worship. Taunton proposes to do so later this month, Wellington is opening for one Meeting for Worship on Sunday 5 July and will then not meet again until Trustees are satisfied that our insurers have notified us our plans are acceptable. Spiceland has set no date for re-opening but is proposing to do so at some point. Minehead has no plans to open at the moment. The Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea and Ilminster meetings in rented accommodation are considering their risk assessments.

The situation is fluid. We all need to wait and see what happens after the easing of lockdown, with the example of Leicester in mind. It would be sad to open for Meeting for Worship and then have to close again. Please contact the person whose details are given for each Local Meeting for up-to-date information about re-opening.

Holding us all in the Light,

Kathy Gollin and Margaret Stocks - co-clerks to WASQM Trustees.


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