West Somerset Area Quaker Meeting

The Trustees of West Somerset Area Quaker Meeting (WSAQM) meet in full session twice a year. Special meetings are sometimes arranged for a particular consideration. Two sub-committees, Finance & Property and Policies & Communications, meet at least twice a year, more often if necessary, and their Minutes are included in the main Trustees Minutes as from the whole Trustee body.

It is intended that each Local Meeting will be represented by two Trustees but this is not always possible. Every effort is made to make sure Local Meetings are kept in touch with Trustees’ business and vice versa. Agendas and Minutes will be posted on the website.

Trustees meetings

Date Event
14:00 Sunday 24 March 2019 At Taunton Quaker Meeting House. Trustees will endeavour to join Taunton Friends for Meeting for Worship at 10:30 and bring their own lunch

See the events page for more details and a full list of other events in and around the area

Agenda and Minutes

Trustees Reports